talking the other day about citizen access to civic data

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talking the other day about citizen access to civic data

Michael Lenczner
It came up at a workshop of in toronto.

CRACIN is pretty neat - in case you haven't heard of it:

"The Canadian Research Alliance for Community Innovation and
Networking (CRACIN) is a research partnership established in 2003 to
investigate the status and achievements of community-based information
and communication technology (ICT) initiatives in Canada

. . . CRACIN brings together community informatics researchers,
community networking practitioners and government policy specialists
from across Canada to document and assess the achievements of
community-based ICT initiatives in the context of, among other things,
the main Canadian government programs promoting the development,
public accessibility and use of internet services."

Anyway - someone else brought it up and all the sudden everyone was
talking very excitedly about mapping data, crown copyright, access to
government research, etc.  At the end of it I told them about how we
(Civic Access) were bringing policy people, coders, geographers,
academics, planners, etc together to work on this issue.  They were
pretty impressed, as well they should be.  So far the discussion has
been bang-on, and we're in good shape as a group in terms of a
exciting and diverse bunch (well, "diverse" considering we have only
10% female members) :

    *      DarinBarney
    *      MarcusBornfreund
    *      PatrickDinnen
    *      StephaneGuidoin
    *      DanielHaran
    *      CoryHorner
    *      TraceyLauriault
    *      NathalieLeclerc
    *      MichaelLenczner
    *      HughMcGuire
    *      RussellMcOrmond
    *      RobinMillette
    *      JoeMurray
    *      MichaelPilling
    *      JoelRivard
    *      GabeSawhney
    *      PhillipSmith
    *      GrahamLongford
    *      St├ęphaneCouture