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Science and Environment Community Data Collection Resources

Tracey P. Lauriault-2

During my coffee & surf wake up ritual I found interesting community data resources.  I love these as they are data collection tools and methodologies that can empower citizens to scientifically collect, document and share data about issues of importance to them in their communities.

Environment Canada's Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network (EMAN)
Resources to help groups learn how to monitor the environment.  This means that community groups could pick a topic of their choice, lets say monitor the health of trees in urban areas or firefly counts and have a list of methodological resources that includes data management, quality, communication, access to scientists, protocols on how to scientifically do so (! and my favorite - a map of monitoring sites -  Emergent environmental monitoring! 

Resources for Indicator and Reporting Practitioners
If ya wanna build community based indicators dev. then here is another fine resource - access to tools, resources and contacts for all of us who work to develop and present indicators and reports on environmental and other sustainability issues.

National Pollutant Release Inventory Data
on substance, facility, year, type of industries and location.  Some data are a bit outdated!  Hm! you only get what the state funds.  We need more grass roots coalitions of scientists to collect this stuff!

Geomatics Resources for Sustainable Development
Includes: Some digital elevation modeling for watershed management, forests mngt, methods to manage and mark land boundaries, Image Processing Standards for Earth Observation (EO) Data project and so on!

elearning metadata modules
So that the data collected by the community can be loaded into data portals and shared with others for their research.

National Air Pollution Surveillance Network
Includes: Mapping apps, data, smog overview, methodologies, etc.

Biodiversity Projects with Stakeholdes and CISE
Includes: Portals on bird information and environmental assessment have been constructed. A national biodiversity network has been supported to enable access to species information. CISE also sponsored wetland mapping

Have a fine day!
ps-I love geographers :)