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Feedback - Changes to the 2006 Census product line

Tracey P. Lauriault-2



For the 2006 Census, two separate rounds of consultations were held. The first round took place in 2002. It incorporated discussions on geography concepts as well as the dissemination program but mostly concentrated on gathering your emerging data needs with respect to the content of the questionnaire. This round of consultations generated approximately 800 comments (please consult the "content consultation report" for more information:

A second round of consultations took place in 2004. Again, discussions were held on as many topics as possible with a focus on the dissemination program. This round generated over 40 in-person meetings and totalled over 1,000 comments (please consult the "dissemination consultation report" for more information:

In light of the feedback received through previous rounds of consultations, I would now like to invite you to share your thoughts and comments on some proposed changes to the 2006 Census product line. More specifically, I would like to gather your comments on the review of the topic-based tabulations found in the enclosed consultation document.  You will also find information on new proposed products i.e. special interest profiles and historical trends for selected geographies such as census subdivisions. Please feel welcome to forward this email and consultation document to your colleagues and partners.

Your comments can be sent by fax at (613) 951-1134, by [hidden email] or by mail to the address listed below:

    2006 Census Consultation Team
    Statistics Canada
    9th Floor, R.H. Coats Building
    Tunney's Pasture
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1A 0T6

    E-mail: [hidden email]
    Fax: (613) 951-1134

If you require additional information with respect to the enclosed document, please contact either myself or Francine Lampron from the 2006 Census Dissemination Project at [hidden email] or at (613) 951-2686.

Your feedback before May 12, 2006 would be greatly appreciated. The subsequent step will consist of a thorough analysis by Statistics Canada of all submitted feedback to assess the usefulness of the proposed changes and implement further recommendations. By the Fall of 2006, the finalised 2006 Census product line should be communicated back to you.

I would like to thank you once again for your continued interest in the census, 
Yours sincerely,

Daniel Dufour
Census Marketing Manager / Gestionnaire du Marketing du recensement
Marketing Division / Division du Marketing
Immeuble R. H. Coats Building 9-A, Tunney's Pasture
Statistics Canada / Statistique Canada

Tel :  (613) 951-5370