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[CivicAccess-Discuss] CODS Governance Working Group - Call for Members

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Hello Friends,

As you know, The Canadian Open Data Summit (CODS) is a national conference that has been held annually in Canada since 2014. The summit has been increasingly successful because “Open” people like you have participated and offered guidance. Now we are successful enough to be at a crossroads: organizers and supporters agree that we need more formal structure than the loosely organized group of caring Open volunteers can provide.

What we are asking:
For to you to sit on a very short-term working group to explore and recommend a formal governance structure for CODS. We are talking about the next few weeks.
What we are NOT asking:
Any long-term commitment, either to sit on the CODS governance group once established, or to run a CODS conference.

We are currently seeking four volunteers from across Canada interested in participating as a member of a working group to explore CODS’ governance.

You can find out what the responsibilities of the working group are by reading the short terms of reference here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Jp6jVJ_ThikJwItzvIlPDls8RR_dy2PdMOPtB-r9qhc/edit?usp=sharing

We are going to hold a Google Hangout in the very near future (a matter of days) to discuss the Summit and the role of the working group.   Please indicate your interest in being part of the working group in a reply to this email.

Thank you.

Herb Lainchbury
Chair, Canadian Open Data Summit Governance Working Group
Founder, Canadian Open Data Summit
CC: Paul Connor, Lorna Brown

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